About Me

I am a feminist, enviromentalist, milkyway based photographer who enjoys maths and logic.
It is important for me to change not only my, but all our perspecitves. As people who think and live within our own box of mind. Not only thinking but also stepping outside the box should be the most favourable task we can imagine.
Inspired by this idea I set out to shed light on our boxes, to shed light on the way we live our lives.


In my youth I enjoyed taking my camera everywhere. Whilst at school it was my 3rd eye and, as you can imagine, I annoyed my friends by bringing it everywhere. During a voluntary year in the UK I worked along an experienced photographer who taught me to use my camera more professionally.
I returned from south England 2013 to begin my maths and IT studies at university. During this time I lost my focus for photography, only to reignite it as soon as I started to work full time. From then on I upgraded my equipment and decided to become an apprentice and learn the craft of a photographer.

For my apprenticeship I worked for 3 years in a large commercial Studio in Bavaria. I learned different lighting techniques and how to apply them to different shapes and materials. I spent many hours as a photographer or light assisstant on location as well as in the studio. Most of the time I was part of the fashion division working with stylists and models to create stunning photographs of upcoming fashion collections. During low seasons I also enjoyed working on all sorts of things like jewelry, sports equipment, architecture or event photography.

Now that I am a journeyman I want to use my skills in a variety of different ways. The imminent danger of the environmental crisis brings me to believe that we need to change our way of life, therefore I started the Dealer project. As an art series it is a matter of the heart to finish it and to develop further series that critique our perceived values, our economic model and other hot topics.
I cannot keep my professional life seperated from my beliefs. That is why I moved on from fast fashion and now work as a self-employed part time photographer to support local businesses and environmently friendly projects. Preserving nature and building a better future for our children is my motivation.